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Beetroot and Chocolate Gluten Free Cake

This is by no means a healthy cake recipe, but it is a delicious one. Although it is still an energy dense treat with a fair amount of sugar and fat, the fat content is mostly heart healthy monounsaturated fat from the almond flour and the addition of beetroot and cocoa pack the cake with antioxidants as well as those nitrates I keep harping on about in beetroot. I was feeling experimental and wanted to try my hand at a gluten free cake that I could take to the office this week as I turn the personal calender over and on to another year. Happy birthday to me! I dreamt up the combination before googling some recipes and learnt two VERY interesting facts.

  1. This is actually what a red velvet cake is
  2. If you peel cooked beetroot under water your hands don’t get stained

Interestingly the crowd I used as crash test dummies for the end product all asked if gluten free was better for you? The simple answer is “No”, I am just sensitive to wheat and as such I like to try find ways of substituting where possible. The end result is a moist, dense cake that has bags of flavour. I topped it with a cream cheese icing and homemade candied beetroot.

I suggest keeping portions fairly small, about 70 g (20 slices per cake) would do for a treat. Nothing wrong with including it after exercise as part of your recovery snack too, just add some extra protein from a milk, yoghurt or milkshake perhaps and you would be on track!

Per 70 g slice
230 kcal
23 g carbohydrate (19 g as sugar)
13 g fat
4 g protein

You can improve the fat profile even further by substituting my use of butter with a nut oil,  olive oil or canola oil.

Click on the image for my Cookbooth recipe of my Beetroot and Chocolate Gluten Free Cake


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