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Mouthwash: Good or Evil?

The answer in short, as with most things, is that mouthwash can be both good and evil… Alcohol based antibacterial mouthwash has become commonplace in the bathroom cupboard. Folks are swigging it multiple times per day, even in place of brushing or flossing at times. While fresh breath and killing “the germs that brushing misses” […]

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Do you struggle with bloating, cramping or other food intolerance symptoms? [POLL]

Supermarket shelves are proof of consumer trends and these days we are spoilt with access to specialty dietary products. gluten free dairy free sugar free fat free lactose free nut free wheat free The list goes on…And there is emerging evidence of increasing prevalence of food intolerance issues that have promoted these trends. Consumers appear […]

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Argus Nutrition

I am re-posting this article with a few updates and tweaks after my morning chat with the folks at Smile 90.4 FM. Keep reading for some info and advice on getting your Argus nutrition right. It is upon us.  The weekend cycle race that for some is the culmination of a few months of training […]

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