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Granadilla butter

Granadilla Butter – RECIPE

This granadilla butter is another quick and easy staple to whip up over the weekend and stick in the fridge for the week ahead. It makes a super topping for my high protein banana bread or you can add it to your yoghurt or crackers as a snack to curb that sweet tooth. I have […]

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Orange, fennel, mint and spinach salad – RECIPE

I was recently developing some recipes for an athlete with quite a severe case of iron deficiency anemia. Naturally this meant finding iron rich foods and complimenting them with vitamin C sources to improve iron absorption. I like to advise vitamin C rich foods as opposed to a vitamin C supplement as going too high […]

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Gelatin C Jelly Shots

Quicker injury recovery with Jelly!

Gelatin-C I was following a sports nutrition conference in the UK recently and saw a few bits and pieces on some emerging research into soft tissue repair, reduced injury time and gelatin use. I was intrigued. We all know gelatin as the key ingredient in wobbling desserts like Jelly. Were hospitals on to something using […]

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Load-shedding lighting

Omega 3 fish cakes – (RECIPE)

A weekly target for omega 3 foods should be to consume two servings of oily fish. Many people do not, through habit, choice or lack of great recipes. This remedies the last issue. For a little more background on why we should be including omega 3 rich foods in our diet read here Each fish […]

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Zucchini Pasta (RECIPE)

Don’t you hate it when a recipe describes your next meal as super-easy, fool-proof and fast and then you spend 2 hours just chopping and peeling. This is not one of those promises. I use this base recipe for meals almost every week, it provides a lower carbohydrate alternative to pasta but packs in flavour, fiber […]

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