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Nutribullet Review – Should every kitchen have one?

Nutribullet Review: Food For Sport takes a look at the Nutribullet, the “nutrition extractor” taking over kitchens country wide. What exactly is the Nutribullet? It is described as a nutrition extractor, juicer-cum-blender with a supercharged 600W motor. It is able to break down fibrous foods due to it’s blade design and the resulting “cyclonic” flow of […]

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Quest Bar – Protein Bar REVIEW

Quest bars – are they the missing thing? My approach to meals and snacks generally follows a simple recipe of combining protein, fiber and fat in proportions according to your needs. These needs change throughout the day and throughout the season. These needs are based on your personal goals, your health goals and the demand […]

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RUSH Bars – Review

These organic, natural, whole food based nutritional bars are something of a hit. They have pushed their way onto the market and placed themselves quite nicely as a “super-food” supplement of choice for athletes. Do they live up to the hype though? Firstly, RUSH Bar cannot be faulted for their values and vision: to deliver […]

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FutureLife Bars – High Energy Bar Review

FutureLife have brought a new “functional food” product to the market in the form of energy bars. There are three varieties of bars which include a High Energy bar, a High Protein bar and a High Protein Lite bar. I stocked up on a few of these recently to give them a try and to pen a review. The first […]

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Cadence Nutrition Carbofuel – REVIEW

Food For Sport reviews Cadence Nutrition Carbofuel Cadence Nutrition is a local supplement brand that prides itself with providing products that are based on sound scientific research. They also adhere to safe supplementation protocols for a few of their products, namely Classic Energy, Marathon and Revive. This is a newer addition to their range, not currently tested, […]

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