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Debunking Paleo Theory – VIDEO

If you have 20 minutes watch this very interesting video on the faulty theory behind the Paleo Diet. Debunking the Paleo Diet was a talk delivered by Christina Warinner, an archeological genteticist and researcher at Zurich University. She introduces some points that make you think twice about the popular diet as well as a few […]

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Perfect Poached Eggs – VIDEO

Heston Blumenthal is my food idol. I think it is my geeky science side and love for food that he represents in his approach. What this means is a better understanding of cooking and ingredients which makes you a better home cook and more willing to experiment too. If you caught any of the “Cooking […]

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v and a market small

Video – V&A Market on the Wharf

The V&A Market on the Wharf had their official opening fairly recently (they have been trading for about 2 months though) and I came across this awesome video that sums it up all quite nicely. I have visited the market a few times over the last 2 months and I love this spot for a few […]

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Video – What is Sous Vide?

I have been playing around with Sous Vide as a cooking method for a few months now and I absolutely love it. This used to be something that you might only have been exposed to on the television through the likes of Heston Blumenthal, or at some top restaurants but the technology is available for […]

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