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Coconut seafood spinach parcel – RECIPE

This is a delicious, nutrient dense meal that packs the goodness of spinach with the flavour of coconut milk and the possibility of experimenting with different seafood to get in your omega 3’s. And who doesnt like cutting open a juicy parcel and finding some fine tasting fish topped with a little flavoured cream cheese? I have served it here on a bed of brown rice for added energy and fiber too. Add your own salad or roast veg as an extra side if needed.


Spinach is a great source of vitamin K and nitrates, both valuable for the health of your blood vessels and circulatory system. It is also a good source of folate, vitamin A, magnesium and a variety of healthful carotenoids.

When experimenting with the attached recipe I only had sustainable hake at my mercy but using another fish like mackerel would be great for flavour and omega 3’s.

The sauce is super easy and one I am using quite regularly as an addition to fish or lean meat. You can play around with using different stocks and herbs depending on what you are serving it with.

Keep your portions of rice and sauce to something that is reflective of your needs, smaller if you are keeping an eye on your weight or a little more if you are training hard, building mass or carbohydrate loading.

Click on the image for the photo recipe on my Cookbooth page.

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