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Why dieting doesn’t work – PART 1 – VIDEO

Honestly I have a strong negative feeling (hate) toward the word diet. It’s use in our world has come to mean quick fix to a life-long issue where the word should really be the description of the food we eat in general, not the 4 weeks of cabbage soup that saves our soul and the cushioning we have built around it.


I have just watched a great TED Talks video by Sandra Aamodt that introduces a different way of thinking, mindful eating and touches on neurological and psychological issues. These are no areas of expertise for me but she makes mention of some physiological functions, particularly the impact dieting or weight loss has on metabolic rate. This metabolic adaptation that occurs is the main reason why many dieters put weight back on, often overshooting their starting point. And this metabolic adaptation will be the topic of my next post on this matter. For now, if you have 12 minutes give this video a watch. And if you are interested in a great review article that sums of metabolic adaptation and the considerations for athletes, here is a link.

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