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Milk Powder Review – Make Your Own Protein Recovery Drinks

One of my favourite food products that will always have a spot on my pantry shelf is milk powder. It is a versatile, easy to carry, easy to prepare, nutrient dense source of protein, carbohydrates (lactose), calcium and vitamin D. If you are watching calories or using it around exercise you can choose the skimmed version or for a higher energy, higher fat option there is a full cream version on the market too.

Full Cream Milk Powder via

Full Cream Milk Powder via

Adding milk powder to cereals, stews, desserts, smoothies or drinks can up the nutrient content nicely. Why I choose to use it occasionally over regular milk is because it is fortified with vitamin D. Our sunshine vitamin is one that is becoming more commonly found to be deficient in our diets. This can impact a number of issues such as poor bone health, cancer risks, depression and possibly poor weight loss. For more on that read here. Unfortunately in South Africa very few products are fortified with vitamin D, amongst them a few cereals, dairy products, dairy alternatives and other specialty products.

Skimmed Milk Powder via

Skimmed Milk Powder via

My pick of uses for milk powder is a DIY Chocolate Recovery Drink (recipe here) that provides good quality protein (and a source of the amino acid leucine) and carbohydrate.

Homemade Recovery Brew


500 g packages ± R 55
1 kg packages ± R 95

Nutritional Info

Based on 100 g Skimmed Milk Powder (Full Cream in brackets):

Energy 360 (490) kcal

Protein 35 (25) g

Carbohydrate 52 (40) g

Fat 1 (26) g

Calcium 1300 (950) mg

Vitamin D 7.5 (8.0) mcg

Vitamin A 600 (541) mcg

As a recovery drink you would be aiming for 20 g of protein so the skimmed version is a more economical options. For other uses you can use the version that best suits your nutritional goals and requirements.

Keep some in your cupboard (unless you are lactose intolerant) or switch this for your usual recovery shake or supplement. If you are travelling this makes a perfect addition to the suitcase or back pack too!

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