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Oat and walnut high protein banana bread – RECIPE

This is superb, quick and easy recipe for high protein banana bread. From opening the kitchen cupboard to taking the bread out of the oven will take you 45 minutes, 30 of which is just waiting. Enough time for a quick high intensity workout.

The recipe gives 10 thick slices of high protein banana bread, each providing about 11 g of protein and 22 g of carbohydrate. Two slices of this will make these a nice pre or post workout snack. Look out for my recipe on granadilla butter that tops these off brilliantly. I will post on that soon as well as a lower carb version of this for rest days or low carb diet periodisation.

**Update – I have posted my recipe of granadilla butter that makes a great topping, and it’s even better combined with a little Greek Yoghurt:

High protein banana bread with granadilla butter

High protein banana bread with granadilla butter

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