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Pea and mint soup with ricotta & poached egg

58c27a50-365f-4acd-b08a-15454242b4cePeas and mint are a match made in heaven. Add some ricotta for a little extra protein and calcium and season with salt and pepper (and chili if you are a fan like me) and you are on your way to the perfect vehicle for a few meal and snack options. A poached egg tops up the protein for this breakfast and lunch choice. Leave it off for a lower calorie snack to tide you over or swop the egg for grilled pancetta or bacon for a divine pasta sauce for dinner.

Ingredients for a big bowl to use immediately or to keep in the fridge:

1 large head cauliflower, roughly chopped
2 cups frozen peas
30 g mint
150 g ricotta
salt and pepper
1 finely chopped chili
acid of your choice (vinegar/lemon juice)

To retain maximum nutrients steam  or microwave the cauliflower until almost soft. In a pot add water to just below the volume of frozen peas, bring to the boil and cook for 3 minutes. While boiling add the ricotta and chili if using it. After 3 minutes remove from the heat, add the cauliflower and blitz using a stick blender. Return to the heat, season with salt and pepper and add a little acid  to taste (I used white wine vinegar) and heat through.

The end product should be a fairly thick soup or puree consistency that can be used as a soup in its own right or as an addition to other meals as your vegetable side.

Dinner 1: Gammon steak, pea and mint puree, grilled asparagus and poached egg.


Dinner 2: Pea and mint soup with pancetta cubes (you can use bacon or pork fillet too)

Pea and mint soup

My breakfast and lunch version: With a poached egg. For the egg, poach it anyway you are comfortable; in the poaching tin, wrapped in clingfilm or the traditional way in acidulated water.

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