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Perfect Poached Eggs – VIDEO

Heston Blumenthal is my food idol. I think it is my geeky science side and love for food that he represents in his approach. What this means is a better understanding of cooking and ingredients which makes you a better home cook and more willing to experiment too. If you caught any of the “Cooking with Heston” shows on one of the food channels recently you can appreciate that. This link is an excerpt from his “Eggs” episode and focuses on perfect poached eggs, doing away with the whirlpool and vinegar techniques. The key is fresh eggs and a thermometer. The only problem here is that doing more than 1 at a time is difficult to impossible depending on the shape of your plate. You should be fine without it though and the point is getting your temperature right and with fresh eggs you won’t be needing the vinegar.

poached eggs

For a full length video (± 20 minutes) on Heston’s approach to eggs including boiled, scrambled and Scotch eggs you can CLICK HERE. While he is very specific with timings you may need to adjust yours according to your stove at home but the concepts are great to start off with and introduce you to a very important pantry ingredient.

Good eating…

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  1. Rupert Jul 23, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    that’s awesome