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Plenty More (BOOK REVIEW) – Yotam Ottolenghi

If you get one cookbook this year let it be this one:

Plenty More Book Review

Yotam Ottolenghi has made preparing and eating more vegetables a delight for the senses and we would be healthier by replicating this a little more often. No matter what your nutrition habits are or what specific diet you are following they should all have a large vegetable component to them. In the current tempestuous nutrition landscape eating more veg is perhaps the only area most people can agree on.

In his fourth cook book, Plenty More, Ottolenghi delivers vegetables, legumes and grains as headline stars of his dishes. By introducing a variety of cooking methods and big, bold flavours he will whet the appetite of even the most ardent meat eater long since shunned his greens from days of boarding school boiled mush. If you need some inspiration for your weekday meals, more meatless Mondays or if you simply want to dazzle family and friends with new creations then stick this in your Christmas stocking.

Some of my personal favourite recipes with brief nutrient benefits are:

  • beetroot, avo and pea salad – nitrates, unsaturated fat and fiber
  • tagliatelle with walnuts and lemon – vitamin E and C
  • legume noodles soup – fiber and protein
  • beetroot and rhubarb salad – fiber and a massive nitrate hit
  • honey roasted carrots with tahini yoghurt – carbs, protein and probiotics
  • butternut with chilli yoghurt and coriander sauce – vitamin A, protein and probiotics
  • ricotta pancakes with gooseberry relish – high protein dessert

I could go on (there are plenty more…)

Chapters are separated by their method of cooking as themes which adds a great learning opportunity to try something new in the kitchen. Grilling, frying and roasting vegetables will add texture and flavour that might make all the difference between loving and hating your greens.

This is a delicious aid to keeping you healthy. Click through to find a copy here.

Keep active. Eat food. Not too much. Mainly plants.

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