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ProNutro Active – REVIEW

I finally found ProNutro Active, a “high protein multi-purpose shake” after coming across the advertising for it around 3 months ago. I bought a tin to try it out and see how it weighs up. As usual I went with vanilla and it tasted pretty good actually, one of the better tasting shakes I have had. But that means nothing without considering what is inside..

Each serving* (80g) provides

  • a good dose of protein, 22.2g from both soy and whey sources
  • 45g carbohydrate, also from a mixture of sources (maltodextrin, fructose and dextrose).
  • fat of only 1.6g
  • 18 vitamins and minerals (the same 18 extra that you get in ProNutro itself!) at pretty standard levels

*I have assumed the declared nutritional value per serving is that when mixed with water, using milk will add to these values.

What is nice about the variety of protein and carbs is the different absorption times you get as well as differing sweetness levels of the sugars, as most of it is maltodextrin the drink is not as sickly sweet as other shakes. The varying absorption times will assist a slower blood glucose peak, a sustained protein source, provide a little longer lasting energy and help satiety too.

In comparison to my standard choice, Nutren Activ, this product is pretty similar in nutritional value although ingredients vary quite a bit.  The cost is similar however you will only get 6 servings of ProNutro Active (as opposed to 11) per tin and I feel it is quite pricey at this volume. It retails at around R 65-R 70. I do think however that you can halve the suggested serving sizes (thus getting 12 servings per tin) and mix it with milk instead to give you around the 20 g serving of protein you are looking for as part of a snack. For recovery after exercise you may want a full serving, mixed with water, for the extra carbs or to add another source of carbohydrate like an energy drink or a fruit to have with your half serving. What I like about the ProNutro Active Shake is that the vanilla is actually quite nice which means you can also use it for smoothies or a base for use with other flavours and additions.

Another note is that the ProNutro Active shake does not taste like the porridge. It was a bit disconcerting originally to think it might be maize based, but its not.  It does also come in two other flavours, Tropical and Berry which I have not tried.

With regards to the safety for professional athletes I cannot find any information on food safety standards and production of this particular product but I am awaiting a reply from Bokomo. I would not expect issues of cross contamination as they are a food item producer, unless their ingredients originate in factories that produce banned products. I would say it is low risk for this reason alone but I will update once I get feedback. *Still no news in May.

Give it a try if you are looking for something new..

Note: I use Nutren Activ as a comparison because it is a good product, economical and low risk for athletes.

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5 Responses to ProNutro Active – REVIEW

  1. Ryno Nov 27, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    Dis baie interessante! Ek hou van jou artikels Adi

    • Adi Nov 27, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

      Dankie oom ryperd

  2. Debbie Dec 2, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    You can get it at Makro for R38

  3. Reme Le Hane Jan 5, 2015 at 9:16 pm #

    Seems like this is EOL now