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Saffron yoghurt coleslaw – RECIPE


Coleslaw is one of those sides with great potential that has been ruined by decades of high fat mayo binding it all together. I occasionally tempt fate at a restaurant and order it as a side, invariably to be let down with mouth coating waxiness and drab cabbage. It is such a pity as the core ingredient, cabbage, is an economical and often under-utilised nutrient dense food that packs a great nitrate punch. Nitrates are my favourite plant nutrient at the moment due to the positive effect this compound has on vascular health, blood pressure and exercise performance. Read my beetroot posts for more on that.

Anyway, my goal has been to re-invent the slaw for myself to use as a side dish, a topping, in place of other salads, or to do a nice big bowl to stick in the fridge and use as a snack or for leftovers the next day. A fresh, crunchy, flavourful dish with a hint of tangy sweetness that is packed with goodness and low in fat and sugar was my goal. This version was one such effort. The ingredients include red cabbage, iceberg lettuce (for more nitrates), carrots, red and green peppers and pickled jalapenos. You can use any seasonal crunchy veg really. The mayo substitute is a saffron yoghurt, I am using yoghurt with a little vinegar and any herb or spice as my permanent substitute for mayo these days. You don’t have to use saffron, choose any other herb or spice as you please. Nutmeg and lemon could be a winner too.

The full recipe is available here on my cookbooth page. I am starting to use this app to document my kitchen experiments and find it super useful. I hope you give this recipe a try! Let me know how it goes or if you find some interesting seasonal crunch to add to yours.

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