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Nutrition Coaching

Option 1

Monthly nutrition coaching and planning to build up to any goal, event, competition or race. This approach gives us the most contact time with regular sessions, updates and feedback. Athletes receive a personalised plan for implementation and monitoring. We make use of Training Peaks, myfitnesspal and contact sessions to achieve the most out of the program. Additional assessments help tailor the approach and additional sessions in our Teaching Kitchen can add valuable skills and training to ensure each client knows just how to get it done.

Option 2

Once off personalised nutrition plan to match a current training program and goals. Any additional assessments can be added to fine tune the approach and clients can add classes or private kitchen sessions as needed. Plans can be adjusted through follow up channels.

Each Performance Kitchen client now has access to nutrition coaching at no additional cost

Meet The Coaches

Adrian Penzhorn

Adrian Penzhorn

Dietician, Performance Nutritionist, Sport Scientist