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Do you struggle with bloating, cramping or other food intolerance symptoms? [POLL]

Supermarket shelves are proof of consumer trends and these days we are spoilt with access to specialty dietary products.

gluten freefood-intolerance

dairy free

sugar free

fat free

lactose free

nut free

wheat free

The list goes on…And there is emerging evidence of increasing prevalence of food intolerance issues that have promoted these trends. Consumers appear to be purchasing these products for relief from food intolerance issues as well as a health promoting belief that is misguided. We are running a poll for the next few weeks here before a series of posts will look at food intolerances and allergies. If you have struggled with any chronic gut related symptoms such as bloating, cramping, reflux, nausea, diarrhea, constipation please cast your vote on what you think may be a trigger for you. Or if you don’t know, say so. Hopefully you might find some relief with the information coming soon. You should also consider chatting to your healthcare specialist to address any issues you may have.

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