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Beetroot and Chocolate Gluten Free Cake

This is by no means a healthy cake recipe, but it is a delicious one. Although it is still an energy dense treat with a fair amount of sugar and fat, the fat content is mostly heart healthy monounsaturated fat from the almond flour and the addition of beetroot and cocoa pack the cake with […]

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Beetroot chips

Sweet Potato & Beetroot Chips Recipe

Delicious, nutritious and done in the microwave nogal! Can you Adam and Eve it? I was inspired to try out this beetroot chips recipe because the R 300 microwave chip maker thing that you can get at Entropé (or however you spell it) seemed just like a plate to me. Turns out it is. So I […]

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Sport Supplement Trends

I want to share some information I came across on a webinar hosted by HFL Sport Science and There were 2 parts to the session, the first covered the recent trends in sport supplements from a market release point and the second theme was inadvertent doping and supplement testing (a topic I will follow […]

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Food 4 Weeks – Week 1

My Food 4 Weeks programme is 1 week in now and this is an update of the first week which is designed to be the strictest with regards to timing of energy dense carbohydrate and the increased intake of nutrient dense foods. I think I have been pretty good at sticking to the plan too. My first […]

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Beetroot dip

Okay so I have posted before on the possible benefits of beetroot as well as an anecdotal story of this effect. There are no further developments that I wish to share, rather a recipe. And a pretty tasty one too! This beetroot dip is part of something I am including in my Food 4 Weeks eating plan for snacks […]

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Beetroot Update

A couple months ago I posted some food for thought on the benefits of beetroot for both athletes and the general population. The key point focused on the nitrate content of beetroot and the effect of nitrate on improving blood supply and subsequent muscle function. I was recently contacted for a little more information on […]

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