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FutureLife Bars – High Energy Bar Review

FutureLife have brought a new “functional food” product to the market in the form of energy bars. There are three varieties of bars which include a High Energy bar, a High Protein bar and a High Protein Lite bar. I stocked up on a few of these recently to give them a try and to pen a review. The first […]

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Argus Nutrition

I am re-posting this article with a few updates and tweaks after my morning chat with the folks at Smile 90.4 FM. Keep reading for some info and advice on getting your Argus nutrition right. It is upon us.  The weekend cycle race that for some is the culmination of a few months of training […]

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Cadence Nutrition Carbofuel – REVIEW

Food For Sport reviews Cadence Nutrition Carbofuel Cadence Nutrition is a local supplement brand that prides itself with providing products that are based on sound scientific research. They also adhere to safe supplementation protocols for a few of their products, namely Classic Energy, Marathon and Revive. This is a newer addition to their range, not currently tested, […]

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biogen cytogen

Biogen Cytogen RaceMix – REVIEW

Biogen Cytogen RaceMix Biogen Cytogen RaceMix is marketed as a multi stage energy and electrolyte solution. Essentially it is a carbohydrate drink that consists of a blend of sugars that exhibit different rates of absorption. In addition there are the standard electrolytes in the form of sodium and potassium as well as other nutrients such […]

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Homemade Recovery Brew

Homemade Recovery Drink

I have been experimenting with a homemade recovery drink that is easy to put together, meets the basic nutritional requirements of a recovery option and is economical. This is my latest choice and somewhat successful if I do say so myself. I have had a passion for recovery nutrition, and in particular food and dairy […]

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Exercise Induced Muscle Cramping

We have all been there.  The training is in the legs, the fuel is in the tank, the Magnesium supplement is part of the morning ritual and boom…5 km from the finish line the puff adder grabs the calf muscle. You ease off and things seem better so you lengthen the stride again but the […]

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