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Coconut and walnut porridge (RECIPE)

I HAVE A GRUDGE AGAINST CURRENT BREAKFAST CHOICES. Cereals, pastries, grains or smoothies are what we consider our Monday to Friday staples. These options are all high carbohydrate, sometimes high fat, and contain low to no protein. It is a recipe for poor blood sugar control, weight gain and missing an opportunity to aid recovery […]

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Homemade Coconut Milk (RECIPE)

Coconut milk is essential in my kitchen. It holds this lofty reputation because it is delicious and because I include it as a good source of medium chain triglycerides ( a post for another day). Coconut flesh is high in energy due to it’s (saturated) fat content with moderate amounts of digestible carbohydrate and packed […]

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Coconut seafood spinach parcel – RECIPE

This is a delicious, nutrient dense meal that packs the goodness of spinach with the flavour of coconut milk and the possibility of experimenting with different seafood to get in your omega 3’s. And who doesnt like cutting open a juicy parcel and finding some fine tasting fish topped with a little flavoured cream cheese? […]

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Coconut mackerel curry

Mackerel is a great source of omega 3 fats and an economical source of protein. Lightly smoked variations are tasty and for this recipe I found a very nice option at Woolworths for around R 35 for two fillets. You can cook the fillets in bulk use some in this dish and keep some over […]

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Curry club

So humpday is my favourite day of the week.  It is half way to the weekend and the only night off before Friday. I can get home, crack a bottle of red and get stuck into in the kitchen.  This Wednesday was a spicy lamb coconut curry. Delish.  Serves 4. This meal is good for […]

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