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Alcohol 101

It may be true that while a hangover will pass unfortunate looks won’t but too many big sessions may be doing harm both inside and out. As another festive season draws to a close the whispers around many offices, living rooms and gyms echo loudly Time to cut back on the booze… Alcohol is the […]

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First Aid and Survival Nutrition – The Outdoor Enthusiasts Guide

Survival Nutrition Recreational and professional athletes alike expose themselves to harsh conditions and terrains at times. With this comes the risk of injury and threatening conditions.  Taking the necessary precautions can not only provide peace of mind but will also help bring comfort or safety at critical moments. Activities that take enthusiasts off the beaten […]

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Dynaforce – A case for a rehydration drink in the industrial sector?

I recently reviewed and posted on Dynaforce Sport as a rehydration option for athletes. I mentioned that this product was originally designed with the working man in mind, in particular those exposed to high temperatures and long shifts in the industrial sector. I was subsequently approached by the Dynaforce team to review their product within […]

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Exercise Induced Muscle Cramping

We have all been there.  The training is in the legs, the fuel is in the tank, the Magnesium supplement is part of the morning ritual and boom…5 km from the finish line the puff adder grabs the calf muscle. You ease off and things seem better so you lengthen the stride again but the […]

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