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The Diabetic Athlete Nutrition Guide

Every year the month of November is dedicated to diabetes awareness. Last year I posted a general introduction on the topic. You can read that here. This post focuses on guidelines for the diabetic athlete. It is aimed primarily at the Type 1 diabetic who is insulin dependent, but Type 2 diabetics, particularly those using […]

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low carb

Low Carb Survey

I have had a poll running on the site for the last few weeks assessing whether readers believe that the low carb high fat diet is the way to go, whether moderation is the key, or if carbs are a beautiful and loved thing. It is not rocket science and ground breaking but it makes […]

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The Diabetic Diet

There are many myths that surround the diet suitable for diabetics, and most of them are wrong in one way or another. Controlling blood glucose levels in a diabetic is achievable through proper medication, healthy eating and controlled portions. The widely accepted theme for the diabetic diet is high fibre and low fat. The fibre, […]

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It is National Diabetes Awareness Week which culminates in World Diabetes Day on Wednesday (14th November). This is a quick introduction into one of our most serious non-communicable diseases, the prevalence of which is around 6% in our general population, 13% in the local Indian population (the highest risk group) and may be as high […]

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World salt awareness week

Last week was world kidney awareness week but thanks to Telkom and Nashua mobile I couldn’t post on this so I will include some of that info now. Why should we be aware of salt? Well it is a pretty important mineral. Salt (sodium) is vital in controlling water balance, blood pressure and muscle contractions […]

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