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Whole 30 diet

I have initiated a forum for guest bloggers to post their thoughts and experiences of various nutrition, sport and health related issues. For some it is a nice way to share these views and happenings, for others it is a personable account that might be easy to associate with or something to learn from. I won’t […]

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It is National Diabetes Awareness Week which culminates in World Diabetes Day on Wednesday (14th November). This is a quick introduction into one of our most serious non-communicable diseases, the prevalence of which is around 6% in our general population, 13% in the local Indian population (the highest risk group) and may be as high […]

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measure it better it

Nutritional Assessments

I am available for mobile and online health and nutrition assessments and consults that are tailored to both the sporting and general population. Below are the packages but the options can be tailored to your needs or the needs of groups. 1. Active Health This assessment is geared to the athlete and incorporates a full […]

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