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The Best Food Guide EVER

I posted recently on the PALEO DIET and highlighted some of the great concepts behind it as well as certain issues I feel are entwined within the dietary approach. I know that a Paleo/Atkins/Low Carb diet can work in certain populations but there are many limitations. Another diet that often gets researched along with low carbohydrate or […]

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Shelf-Life of Food Infographic

  I came across this pretty cool infographic recently that gives a nice break down of the shelf life of various foods. It is American produced but the majority of info is really useful, so keep it on your phone or PC, or print a copy to stick in your pantry. Unfortunately it does not […]

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grass cow

Grass vs grain

A few weeks ago I touched on the cholesterol myth and the faltering blame that has been placed on fat, specifically the saturated kind.  An important issue in all this that does not get enough attention is inflammation. It could be our worst enemy and the cause of most non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, […]

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Milking it…

Dairy products have always received attention in health circles for one reason or another. They are our most important source of calcium and a valuable source of quality protein. Low fat dairy products are associated with a number of improved health outcomes and more recently milk products have shown potential as recovery drinks for athletes.  […]

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