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spinach seafood

Coconut seafood spinach parcel – RECIPE

This is a delicious, nutrient dense meal that packs the goodness of spinach with the flavour of coconut milk and the possibility of experimenting with different seafood to get in your omega 3’s. And who doesnt like cutting open a juicy parcel and finding some fine tasting fish topped with a little flavoured cream cheese? […]

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Beetroot and Chocolate Gluten Free Cake

This is by no means a healthy cake recipe, but it is a delicious one. Although it is still an energy dense treat with a fair amount of sugar and fat, the fat content is mostly heart healthy monounsaturated fat from the almond flour and the addition of beetroot and cocoa pack the cake with […]

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“Is Pasta Slowing You Down?”

I was recently asked for a few comments for a piece that appeared in Ride magazine on the gluten free approach that is being followed by an increasing number of athletes. Click through for the full article. It is an interesting read and while I only advocate the benefits for the gluten intolerant or Coeliac sufferers it is […]

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