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Quest Bar – Protein Bar REVIEW

Quest bars – are they the missing thing? My approach to meals and snacks generally follows a simple recipe of combining protein, fiber and fat in proportions according to your needs. These needs change throughout the day and throughout the season. These needs are based on your personal goals, your health goals and the demand […]

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futurelife high protein

FutureLife High Protein – Review

Food For Sport reviews FutureLife High Protein A large number of my clients and friends are faithful users of FutureLife as a breakfast porridge or smoothie ingredient. I reviewed the original Smart Food version last year (more on that here), a high energy cereal that is suitable for the active individual. The pros of FutureLife […]

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Muffelettes – a recipe

What do you get when you cross a muffin with an omelette? This is a flour free, high protein, nutrient dense snack that is essentially an egg muffin flavoured with any number of fillings.  The possibilities are endless but my favourites are spinach and feta, left over bolognese or cottage cheese and chives with roast […]

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Food 4 Weeks Burger

This is not really a burger in the American sense, but it is. It is a tasty, low carbohydrate, high nutrient option that fits in with the Food 4 Weeks approach. The patty is homemade and free of donkey, served on a large brown mushroom with the usual suspects as accompaniments. You can make a few extra patties […]

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2 egg linseed omelette

An important part of getting the Food 4 Weeks eating plan right is a good breakfast. This recipe is a nice one that provides a good amount of protein and omega 3 fats. Using a filling of your choice means you can get your necessary veg in as well as add some variety to your breakfast […]

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ProNutro Active – REVIEW

I finally found ProNutro Active, a “high protein multi-purpose shake” after coming across the advertising for it around 3 months ago. I bought a tin to try it out and see how it weighs up. As usual I went with vanilla and it tasted pretty good actually, one of the better tasting shakes I have […]

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