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So humpday is my favourite day of the week.  It is half way to the weekend and the only night off before Friday. I can get home, crack a bottle of red and get stuck into in the kitchen.  This Wednesday was a spicy lamb coconut curry. Delish.  Serves 4. This meal is good for […]

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Dorado, mango and chilli salsa and cous cous

Dorado (mahi-mahi, dolphin-fish). One of the beauties of the ocean, a great game fish that provide fisherman and diners a real treat.  They are one of the quickest and strongest in the water and for me the tastiest on the plate.  Little is known about their stocks in the oceans off South Africa, but they […]

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Steak, egg and chokes

Humpday has brought my first recipe challenge.  I don’t know if it was the chat about low carbohydrate diets, but this one is high protein for anyone giving it a go. Ingredients 250g hormone-free ribeye steak 2 globe artichokes 1 large free range egg Half a punnet of your favourite mushrooms (I chose Shimegi) 1 […]

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