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The Diabetic Athlete Nutrition Guide

Every year the month of November is dedicated to diabetes awareness. Last year I posted a general introduction on the topic. You can read that here. This post focuses on guidelines for the diabetic athlete. It is aimed primarily at the Type 1 diabetic who is insulin dependent, but Type 2 diabetics, particularly those using […]

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32Gi Endure – A Review

32Gi is a popular choice among endurance athletes and many of my clients have used one of the 32Gi products at one time or another. I assume if you are reading this review you too may have tried it as a fuel for exercise or are considering it as an option. Either way it would […]

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It is National Diabetes Awareness Week which culminates in World Diabetes Day on Wednesday (14th November). This is a quick introduction into one of our most serious non-communicable diseases, the prevalence of which is around 6% in our general population, 13% in the local Indian population (the highest risk group) and may be as high […]

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Flavour of Life

It is not just about taste. Flavour is defined as the interpretation or impression of the senses as influenced by a food or other substance. To many this is confused with taste, which is only one of the possible effectors of flavour. Why is this important? Well apart from being one of the main reasons […]

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