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The Best Food Guide EVER

I posted recently on the PALEO DIET and highlighted some of the great concepts behind it as well as certain issues I feel are entwined within the dietary approach. I know that a Paleo/Atkins/Low Carb diet can work in certain populations but there are many limitations. Another diet that often gets researched along with low carbohydrate or […]

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low carb

Low Carb Survey

I have had a poll running on the site for the last few weeks assessing whether readers believe that the low carb high fat diet is the way to go, whether moderation is the key, or if carbs are a beautiful and loved thing. It is not rocket science and ground breaking but it makes […]

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Cauliflower Mustard Mash

This is my new favourite thing. I have been using this as a substitute for an energy dense carbohydrate in my Food 4 Weeks programme and I am hooked. I think this will be my eternal alternative to mash potato because not only is it higher in nutrient content but it has a much better flavour too! […]

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