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Saffron yoghurt coleslaw – RECIPE

Coleslaw is one of those sides with great potential that has been ruined by decades of high fat mayo binding it all together. I occasionally tempt fate at a restaurant and order it as a side, invariably to be let down with mouth coating waxiness and drab cabbage. It is such a pity as the […]

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The Backyard Grill – A Review

This is The Backyard Grill on Regent Street in Sea Point, a place to braai when you can’t. Living in Sea Point means that unless you are winning lotteries or swindling funds the chances of having the luxury of an outside area to braai is slim. (more…)

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The Diabetic Diet

There are many myths that surround the diet suitable for diabetics, and most of them are wrong in one way or another. Controlling blood glucose levels in a diabetic is achievable through proper medication, healthy eating and controlled portions. The widely accepted theme for the diabetic diet is high fibre and low fat. The fibre, […]

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