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Debunking Paleo Theory – VIDEO

If you have 20 minutes watch this very interesting video on the faulty theory behind the Paleo Diet. Debunking the Paleo Diet was a talk delivered by Christina Warinner, an archeological genteticist and researcher at Zurich University. She introduces some points that make you think twice about the popular diet as well as a few […]

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To supp or not to supp..

  That is the question. And I don’t mean stand up paddle, which is slightly safer unless you are in False Bay. The phenomenon of supplementation is quite amazing.  The industry is a fine example of how marketing and cunning can bring millions and millions of dollars into some deep pockets.  The sport supplementation industry […]

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The Low GI Myth

GI. Joe. Glycaemic index.  In scientific lingo what the glycaemic index is = the area under the blood glucose curve over a two hour period in response to consuming a test food providing 50g of glycaemic carbohydrate which is compared to a 50g sample of a reference food.  The reference food being glucose or white bread. These […]

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