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Beetroot, Spinach & Apple Smoothie – Recipe

The last few years have seen some great research being put in to functional foods that can deliver health and performance benefits. One such group of foods are those defined as nitrate rich. The majority of well proven benefits have focused on beetroot, particularly beetroot juice, and its use for vascular enhancements, reduction in blood pressure and […]

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Saffron yoghurt coleslaw – RECIPE

Coleslaw is one of those sides with great potential that has been ruined by decades of high fat mayo binding it all together. I occasionally tempt fate at a restaurant and order it as a side, invariably to be let down with mouth coating waxiness and drab cabbage. It is such a pity as the […]

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Beetroot Update

A couple months ago I posted some food for thought on the benefits of beetroot for both athletes and the general population. The key point focused on the nitrate content of beetroot and the effect of nitrate on improving blood supply and subsequent muscle function. I was recently contacted for a little more information on […]

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