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Omega 3 fish cakes – (RECIPE)

A weekly target for omega 3 foods should be to consume two servings of oily fish. Many people do not, through habit, choice or lack of great recipes. This remedies the last issue. For a little more background on why we should be including omega 3 rich foods in our diet read here Each fish […]

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spinach seafood

Coconut seafood spinach parcel – RECIPE

This is a delicious, nutrient dense meal that packs the goodness of spinach with the flavour of coconut milk and the possibility of experimenting with different seafood to get in your omega 3’s. And who doesnt like cutting open a juicy parcel and finding some fine tasting fish topped with a little flavoured cream cheese? […]

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Coconut mackerel curry

Mackerel is a great source of omega 3 fats and an economical source of protein. Lightly smoked variations are tasty and for this recipe I found a very nice option at Woolworths for around R 35 for two fillets. You can cook the fillets in bulk use some in this dish and keep some over […]

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2 egg linseed omelette

An important part of getting the Food 4 Weeks eating plan right is a good breakfast. This recipe is a nice one that provides a good amount of protein and omega 3 fats. Using a filling of your choice means you can get your necessary veg in as well as add some variety to your breakfast […]

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grass cow

Grass vs grain

A few weeks ago I touched on the cholesterol myth and the faltering blame that has been placed on fat, specifically the saturated kind.  An important issue in all this that does not get enough attention is inflammation. It could be our worst enemy and the cause of most non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, […]

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Dorado, mango and chilli salsa and cous cous

Dorado (mahi-mahi, dolphin-fish). One of the beauties of the ocean, a great game fish that provide fisherman and diners a real treat.  They are one of the quickest and strongest in the water and for me the tastiest on the plate.  Little is known about their stocks in the oceans off South Africa, but they […]

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