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Vitamin D and Inflammation – Does having enough help?

I have posted before on the importance of vitamin D status for general health and exercise performance. In private practice I frequently find individuals with deficiencies of our sunshine vitamin and recently I have tweeted a few links on emerging research in this area. One such study, published this month in the journal Cytokine, highlights another effect vitamin […]

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Beetroot, Spinach & Apple Smoothie – Recipe

The last few years have seen some great research being put in to functional foods that can deliver health and performance benefits. One such group of foods are those defined as nitrate rich. The majority of well proven benefits have focused on beetroot, particularly beetroot juice, and its use for vascular enhancements, reduction in blood pressure and […]

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Alcohol 101

It may be true that while a hangover will pass unfortunate looks won’t but too many big sessions may be doing harm both inside and out. As another festive season draws to a close the whispers around many offices, living rooms and gyms echo loudly Time to cut back on the booze… Alcohol is the […]

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First Aid and Survival Nutrition – The Outdoor Enthusiasts Guide

Survival Nutrition Recreational and professional athletes alike expose themselves to harsh conditions and terrains at times. With this comes the risk of injury and threatening conditions.  Taking the necessary precautions can not only provide peace of mind but will also help bring comfort or safety at critical moments. Activities that take enthusiasts off the beaten […]

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Biogen Recovergen Review

Biogen is a brand I am recommending more and more for athletes and clients as one of a small number of safe and effective options on the market in South Africa. This is not to say that all of their products are safe and effective but this is one of them. Biogen Recovergen is a […]

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Sleep – The Forgotten Recovery Tool

Restricting sleep to less than 6 h per night for four or more consecutive nights has been shown to impair cognitive performance and mood, disturb glucose metabolism, appetite regulation and immune function. This is an excerpt from an article I picked up off the Gatorade Sport Science Institute website, a valuable resource for information and research. While not fully […]

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