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Quest Bar – Protein Bar REVIEW

Quest bars – are they the missing thing? My approach to meals and snacks generally follows a simple recipe of combining protein, fiber and fat in proportions according to your needs. These needs change throughout the day and throughout the season. These needs are based on your personal goals, your health goals and the demand […]

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FutureLife Bars – High Energy Bar Review

FutureLife have brought a new “functional food” product to the market in the form of energy bars. There are three varieties of bars which include a High Energy bar, a High Protein bar and a High Protein Lite bar. I stocked up on a few of these recently to give them a try and to pen a review. The first […]

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Cadence Nutrition Carbofuel – REVIEW

Food For Sport reviews Cadence Nutrition Carbofuel Cadence Nutrition is a local supplement brand that prides itself with providing products that are based on sound scientific research. They also adhere to safe supplementation protocols for a few of their products, namely Classic Energy, Marathon and Revive. This is a newer addition to their range, not currently tested, […]

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biogen cytogen

Biogen Cytogen RaceMix – REVIEW

Biogen Cytogen RaceMix Biogen Cytogen RaceMix is marketed as a multi stage energy and electrolyte solution. Essentially it is a carbohydrate drink that consists of a blend of sugars that exhibit different rates of absorption. In addition there are the standard electrolytes in the form of sodium and potassium as well as other nutrients such […]

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Biogen Recovergen Review

Biogen is a brand I am recommending more and more for athletes and clients as one of a small number of safe and effective options on the market in South Africa. This is not to say that all of their products are safe and effective but this is one of them. Biogen Recovergen is a […]

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The Backyard Grill – A Review

This is The Backyard Grill on Regent Street in Sea Point, a place to braai when you can’t. Living in Sea Point means that unless you are winning lotteries or swindling funds the chances of having the luxury of an outside area to braai is slim. (more…)

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Energade Maxidrate

So Energade have brought out a new product, Energade Maxidrate. It is a reduced calorie option of their regular sports drinks and I battle to see their logic beyond increasing sales by pretending to be a healthier version. In fact it is exploitation. Energade Maxidrate is available in the same flavours as the regular versions, […]

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FutureLife – A Review

FutureLife. The future is now, or is it? This product has been on the shelves for a while now and was recently given a facelift to align the packaging with the new labeling legislation. It is merely aesthetics  however as the nutritional content is still the same although they have also introduced a new flavour, […]

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