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The Best Food Guide EVER

I posted recently on the PALEO DIET and highlighted some of the great concepts behind it as well as certain issues I feel are entwined within the dietary approach. I know that a Paleo/Atkins/Low Carb diet can work in certain populations but there are many limitations. Another diet that often gets researched along with low carbohydrate or low fat diets is the Mediterranean Diet. It has links to benefits for weight, cardiovascular disease, lipid profiles, inflammation and inflammatory diseases, cancers and psychological wellbeing. Some links are better proven than others but I have yet to see many results that prove it is totally ineffective or detrimental in any population. It is not always the most prudent diet for everyone but my personal opinion is that this is as close to an approach you can recommend to the general population as you will find. The diet is high in monounsaturated fats (olives and nuts), plant products and seafood with a moderate intake of dairy and wine. It is all the ingredients I love as a pseudo-Italian cook too. The traditional Mediterranean diet is based on the historical foods of Greece, Crete, Spain and southern Italy but is not common to all Mediterranean countries.

Anyway, this is a long introduction into this food pyramid that describes the diet and one of the best I have ever seen. The clincher for me is the base of the pyramid; a focus on exercise, rest, conviviality, seasonality, biodiversity, tradition, local produce and “culinary activities”. That’s awesome.


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