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Video – What is Sous Vide?

I have been playing around with Sous Vide as a cooking method for a few months now and I absolutely love it. This used to be something that you might only have been exposed to on the television through the likes of Heston Blumenthal, or at some top restaurants but the technology is available for use in homes too, although it is somewhat expensive! I am lucky enough to have a father who is pretty damn good at physics/electronics/handy man stuff and he put together a unit for me that combines a deep fryer with a sensitive temperature control and a circulator. I do think this technology will be in many more homes in the not too distant future..

The reasons I love sous vide:

  • It is accurate – you can cook an item to an exact temperature
  • It is consistent – you can repeat your success over and over again
  • It is flexible – you have more time to play with without worrying about overcooking
  • It is practical – you can store cooked food for later use, with a longer shelf life
  • It is unique – you can achieve textures and results impossible with standard cooking techniques

My most recent meal was a 50 hour Wagyu brisket with smoked paprika and red wine sauce, parmesan polenta and roast veg. Quite possibly one of the nicest meals I have had. The brisket was tender, pink and melt-in-your-mouth stuff that was cooked at 64ºC for 50 hours after a light beer brine and then seared to get some Maillard flavours and render some of the excess fat. This is one of the only issues with sous vide, the lack of browning, but a quick sear or blow torch sorts that out.


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  1. Rupert Mar 13, 2013 at 8:45 am #

    such a foodie haha