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Wellness Champs Recipe of the Week: Week 1 – Beetroot

taggThe folks across at TAGG CrossFit have embarked on their second round of The Wellness Championships. For 4 weeks the challenge recruits will focus their energy, time, training and nutrition on their all-round health and look for maximum gains. It is a time to train hard, eat properly and learn about matching what you put in to what you get out. I have been on board to help out with their nutritional guidelines and info and run their health screening and body composition components which will be tracked over the 4 weeks. It is a really cool program and generates a good vibe along with some standard healthy banter as teams earn points for various activities and health gains over the month.

I was at the baseline testing and workout of the day and there was a lot of excitement around the box.

This time round we have included a weekly conviviality challenge. Each week I will provide a core ingredient for teams to dream up their own recipe, source their grass-fed, locally-produced, free-of-additives produce, get into the kitchen and serve up some love on a plate for friends or family. Each week I will try to introduce healthy, whole foods that often don’t occur on our plates enough. The challengers have a week to get it done, submit a recipe, a story and some photos. The best event and recipe will win a bonus point toward their end score for the Wellness Championships.

The golden ingredient for Week 1 was beetroot. If you look through the pages of this blog you will see a good amount of beetroot related information.

It has been described as “the food with possibly the greatest health potential of the decade”. Much of the research and positive results seen with the use of beetroot is based on it’s naturally high content of nitrates with a potent effect on circulatory or vascular function that can improve blood pressure, blood clotting profiles and endurance exercise performance. There is also early evidence of benefits of protecting against cardiac injury caused by ischemia-reperfusion, improving arterial stiffness and reducing inflammation. Super food.

Anyway, the challengers got stuck in to the first week and some fantastic recipes flowed. The winners of the week produced a Beefy Beetroot Burger that put beetroot at the heart of the dish. Well done to Amanda and Rob of Team Virtuosity.

Beefy beetroot burger

They also put quite a bit of effort into the recipe, click on the link to have a look:

Beefy Beetroot Burgers – Recipe (pdf)

Give the recipe a go, it sounds pretty damn good and is packed with nutrients. They have also given a few variations you can try out along the way. Enjoy!

The Golden Ingredient for week 2 is Venison so let’s see what wonders the group comes up with…

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