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Whole 30 diet

I have initiated a forum for guest bloggers to post their thoughts and experiences of various nutrition, sport and health related issues. For some it is a nice way to share these views and happenings, for others it is a personable account that might be easy to associate with or something to learn from. I won’t tamper with their information but I will provide my opinion in relation to what research, science or logic can explain.

The first contribution was on The Whole 30 Diet which was nicely explained by Krystal Schroder. There is a link for more information on this diet that you can follow on her post.

Essentially the diet strictly adheres to the Whole9 approach for 30 days which follows a Paleo type diet and the elimination of various food groups, namely grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol and sugar as a kick start to improving your health and finding a dietary “balance”. It is gaining momentum and a wide following of people who will do the 30 day routine every now and then, or even stick to these core points indefinitely.

My opinion:


  • Thinking more about the food you eat
  • Considering blood glucose control as an important health regulating factor
  • Increasing less inflammatory foods (omega 3 fats)
  • Decreasing inflammatory foods (sugar, some seed oils)
  • Choosing nutrient dense foods (vegetables, fruit) over energy dense foods (sugar, fat etc.)


  • Removing whole food groups
    • Low fat dairy intake is associated with positive health outcomes and is a good source of protein, calcium and B vitamins.
    • Wholegrains and legumes may be beneficial for cholesterol, certain cancers and blood glucose control.
    • Moderate alcohol intake is associated with positive health outcomes.
  • Sustainability of this lifestyle and these food choices is very difficult
  • It is not balanced

In summary I am all for the Pros list but I would tread wearily on the Cons side particularly if this is a long term approach. The message of the beneficial foods is great but the warning that is dealt on the foods that are avoided are not necessarily warranted and may result in missing out on valuable nutrients. For athletes my concern is falling short on carbohydrate intake particularly around exercise which may impact performance and recovery.

I will be following up with Krystal after her 30 days to check up on how this is all going.

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